mardi 23 février 2016

Volodymyr Bilyk / PATCH 1.2 [portrait]

[Présentation des 32 participants au livre collectif mutantisme : PATCH 1.2, suite des versions 1.0 et 1.1 du Manifeste mutantiste]

Volodymyr Bilyk
Catégories d'action mutantistes (PATCH 1.2) :

6 mutastases (Spidertangle 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6)

Bio : Volodymyr Bilyk est un poète visuel, un écrivain et un traducteur uktrainien.
Il est le rédacteur en chef de, et contribue à

Volodymyr Bilyk is a writer, translator from Ukraine. His works include: visual poems in the series This is Visual Poetry (2013), CIMESA (2013), Casio's Pay-Off Peyote (2013), SCOBES (2013), THINGS (2014), Laugh Poems (2014), Vispo Ay Ai Ay (2014), "To When Tea Ties Hence to Wank It Too" / "Eminent Means of Basil Dado Hem-Welt" in The Chapbook 5(2015), "Heartbeat, Footclick, Machine Gun Vocalizes" (2016), Roadrage (2016) and screenplays for the films "Midget-Stripper" (2012-2013), "The Trial of Beilis"(2013-2015), "Escapee" (2014), "Joan the Battalioner" (2014), "Waking" (2015), "Happenings Ten Years Time Ago" (2015-2016). His works were exhibited on Bright Stupid Confetti Asemic Show, Yoko Ono Fan Club, Venti Leggeri in Bologna, The Spiral Asemic Show in Malta; EL MARTELL SENSE MESTRE in Barcelona, The Future is Here Again: VISUAL LANGUAGE in New York, 1st International Literary Fair of Mato Grosso (2015), World Association of Visual and Experimental Artists in Valjevo and OVERCONSUMPTION in Ternopil. He is editor-in-chief of and contributing editor of / à suivre sur : et sur

mutantisme : PATCH 1.2 est paru aux éditions Caméras Animales

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