dimanche 31 janvier 2010

Reminder : Machinogenesis [rough translation ^^]

One of the main aims of mutantism, into the creation field, is the invention of abstract machines.
(i.e. creation protocols).
You can find some examples (about 20) there :
http://mutantisme.free.fr/html/machines_3.html (only in french for the moment)

Nowadays, in order to produce forms, works, an artist must first create one's own format(s) * : one's own fleet of machines.
The creation field is a reinitialized plan **. (Among other fields - it's far from being the only one reinitialized).
It doesn't mean everything disappears, but that everything is reorganized.

Today, creating is first creating formats *.

(*) Formats : not sure of the translation. Might also be : frameworks, blueprints, frames.
(**) Plan : not sure of the translation.

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