mardi 19 août 2014

World Of Confusion (ReLoad) - Alyens / MC ZULU - Best Of Times - Ska Mix

"Honestly I am very appreciative that people put their time and energy into collaborating in this way. The first “guest” producer on the label is a gentleman from Paris by the name of Alyens. I am not sure if he is evenaware of how much the “Dadaist” movement (French WWI Art) has influenced his artistic output, but I have always admired that aesthetic; so I find it very interesting what he and his friends are doing."

"In areas where there is very little corporate support for certain arts, it is interesting to note how it develops regardless. This is being done by people who have a love for the artform, and nothing more is promised, save what they create on their own. It’s an honor when people like that respect what I do."

article :

World Of Confusion ReLoad Alyens :

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