vendredi 18 janvier 2019

French poem 5 : Chaos

Kings from Queens from Queens come Kings ! Ice ice baby.
Bloody Sunday, Sunday morning : a hard day's night.
Wake me up. Bring the noise. Break on through. The sound of silence. 

Black dog. Blackberry. Black hole sun.
Great balls of fire : you can't touch this.
It's like that. It's a lot. 

Papa was a rollin' stone.
Papa don't care. Sex crime. 
Mama said knock you out. Like a virgin, like a prayer, like a dog without a bone.

Shiny shiny, boots of leather.
Shiny shine to shine ehy ha.
Sha na nananana sha nana nana.
La la la la la. [air de “Life is life”]   

Hey how ya doin'. Sorry ya can't get through.
Yo. Clic clic. Bang bang. Boom boom boom boom.

Hoogie boogie
The boogie to the bang bang boogie.

Tchicatchicatchica Hallelujah ! Ay ay ay. Cha cha cha. Kalimba de luna. Tchiki boum. Yop la boum.

Wop bop a loo bop a lop bom bom !
Wop bop a loo bop a lop ba ba !


Wap wap wap
Doo wop, doo wap
Choubidou wap

And it's a whoah oh oh oh oh
Baby whoah oh oh oh oh

Doup, chewap, pouh.

Didou didouda.

Ski ba bop ba dop bop
Skibby dibby dib yo da dup dup
Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub
Yo da dub dub

Miaouh miaouh.

She says, sh-sh-shhh.

(Where have they been ?
I'm waiting for my man.)

May all your dreams come true.

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