jeudi 21 mars 2013

robots pour animaux /// robots for animals

Unless an asteroid or deadly pandemic wipes us out first, the force we are most afraid will rob us of our place as rulers of Earth is robots. The warnings range from sarcastic to nervous to dead serious, but they all describe the same scenario: Robots become sentient, join forces and turn on us en masse.
But with all the paranoia about machines, we've ignored another possibility: Animals learn to control robots and decide it's their turn to rule the planet. This would be even more dangerous than dolphins evolving opposable thumbs. And the first signs of this coming threat are already starting to appear in laboratories around the world where robots are being driven by birds, trained by moths and controlled by the minds of monkeys.

"L'extrême technologie et l'extrême animalité se rejoignent. Nous pensons que notre seule issue est de concilier ces deux aspects sans en nier un seul." --- Manifeste Mutantiste

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