mercredi 22 juin 2011

Worship The Glitch

Traile^$*r of ****sode (pilot) of the d^$*$igital comics FORME*$

Forme^$rly*$^* High Priesù^$*st of a state and seemingly obscurantist religééè(é'"("_^*he was preaching, as war was waging all ar^**ound. Sincé(è-e sù^$*$t(uggling with"_' an existential and mèl crisis,édecides to transcend his **********^$exile in a spiritual q^$uest for redemption. He could nre then tha*$t t*his journéwouldéy(te-è(èç lead him into reveot figulations that will **********not only his own future, buoop.swf?clip_id=25426812&èaabitants' one.

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