vendredi 7 décembre 2018

"French Poem #4 : Politics". Mathias Richard [vidéo, texte, photos]

Now you do what they told ya. 

Everybody wants to rule the world. Master and servants. Money. Such a shame.

My generation :
Fucking youth,
Happiness in slavery.

I wanna be anarchy - it's the only way to be.
We will we will rock you,
We are the world, we are the people.
Imagine, all the people,
Insane in the brain,
Shout :
Fight the power. Take the power back.
Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights.
Know your enemy.
Don't believe the hype.
That's the sound of da police.
Show 'em what you got.

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Merci à Jessica L., Tina Hype, Nora Neko.

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