mardi 12 décembre 2017

FRENCH POEM #3. Mathias Richard

I can feel it coming in the air tonight.
Nothing compares to you. Little doll. My little China girl. Captain of my heart. 
Such a lovely face.
I've been waiting for you.
Searching for a heart of gold.
Everybody's looking for something.
All you need is love.
Unchain my heart.
I need hot stuff. I want some hot stuff.
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door.
Light my fire. Kiss.
Femme fatale. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ?
Can you help me, occupy my brain ?
Who do you love ?
Are you experienced ?
I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord.

Good times. When a man loves a woman. 
I'm beginning to see the light. 
Everybody needs somebody. 
Do you think i'm sexy ? You keep me hangin on...

Baby please don't go
Tell me why
You make me feel
I'm in the mood for love
I'm a man
We are family
I just can't stop loving you
Love to love you baby
I'll be good, I wish I could, I get this message over to you now.
Come together right now over me.
Don't let me be misunderstood. (Girl you know it's true).
I want to know what love is.
Don't go breaking my heart.
Whole lotta love. High on emotion. 
Let's get together and feel all right.
Girl, you gotta love your man
When the music's over

Try a little tenderness.
I need you tonight.
All night long, all night.

But my baby don't care. 
She is not alone.
It's something I can never have. Help.
Confusion is sex. 
Should I stay, should I go ?
Do you really want to make me cry ?

Your gonna miss me baby. I will survive. Stayin' alive. With or without you.
Wish you were here. Look at all the lonely people. 
You tell me to enjoy life, I wish I could but it's too late.
I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead. 
No future. No fun. 
I'm dead.
Let it be.

Boys boys boys... Girls just want to have fun. It's the power of love. Just an illusion. Just my imagination. Terrible lie. But we won't get fooled again. I put a spell on you. A bullet in your head.

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