mercredi 19 janvier 2011

quelques mutations rafinées de Dead Space 2


1// The Puker's hands have become elongated talons.
2// The original legs have entwined, and a clump of nerves and muscles have grown down to form an additional leg.
3// The wretch gets its name from the acidic bile it sprays through a widened esophagus. The fluid is formed in the mutated lungs, which swell to hideous proportions when full.
4// The Puker's body bears the ravages of the acid it spews: The jaw and torso are disintegrating, and eventually the whole body will become a soupy mess.


1// The arms have elongated to become the primary means of locomotion. The hands are capable of gripping and scaling most surfaces.
2// The infection has forced the Leaper's head open and has split the jawbone into fearsome fangs.
3// The Leaper's spine and back muscles have grown stronger to accommodate the other bodily changes.
4// The leg muscles and intestines have fused to form a scorpion-like tail that can deliver a piercing strike.

(from Wired)

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